Cults Inside Out

Cults Inside Out: How People Get In and Can Get Out Rick Alan Ross ( CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform October 16, 2014) Order
How do individuals get involved with cults or abusive controlling relationships in the first place, and what steps can be taken to stage an intervention to rescue them? What can be done to heal those who have been drawn into these damaging situations? These questions and more are addressed in the book Cults Inside Out; How People Get In and Can Get Out, written by a leading expert Rick Alan Ross. Over the course of three decades, Ross has participated in about five hundred interventions, provided expert court testimony, and performed related work all around the world. Within Cults Inside Out Ross describes in detail how to identify and understand a cultic abusive controlling relationship. Ross explains many of the tactics used for control and manipulation-and, more importantly, some of the most effective methods he and other experts have used to reverse unlock undue influence. As a result, readers will find themselves armed with a greater understanding of the nature of destructive cults and abusive controlling relationships. And they will also have an improved ability to assess and deal with such situations-either in their own lives or the lives of friends and family members. Ross describes the intervention process in vivid very defined detail and provides a case examples concerning his intervention approach. One chapter specifically recounts an intervention to rescue a young woman involved in a abusive controlling relationship.