People Who Play God

People Who Play God: How Ultra-Authorities Enslave the Hearts, Minds, Souls of Their Victims Beth E. Peterson (Xlibris Corp., 2003)Order

The signs of ultra-authority are constantly before us, although very few people recognize that these signs are all pointing to one particular form of social dynamic, ultra-authority. When you look in the paper and see a story about domestic violence, you are seeing a story about ultra-authority. When you watch the TV and see a piece on Suddam Hussein or North Korea, you are seeing a piece on an ultra-authority. When you hear the latest about another destructive cult and the odd or dangerous things the cultists are doing, you are hearing about an ultra-authority.

Ultra-authority is the most widespread endemic social ill we currently have on our planet. Through a number of informal surveys, I have come to realize that 80% or more of the adults in our country have been noticeably effected by an ultra-authority at one time or another in their lives.

You cannot protect yourself from something you do not recognize; for that reason, I present to you People Who Play God.