Surviving Intimate Terrorism

Surviving Intimate Terrorism Hedda Nussbaum (Publish America September 12, 2005)Order

Review — This book is a must read. I couldn’t put it down! Finally hearing Hedda’s side of this story has been enlightening and life changing. The media coverage of her case caused her to become the face of domestic violence – and now we can read the true story in her own words. No one who reads this book will be the same – Hedda is a true survivor. I applaud her for the courage to speak up and share her story about her battle to live through such a horrific experience. I think this book will be a beacon of light to other women who are living with intimate terrorism, and those who have their own stories to tell. While the journey Hedda takes us through doesn’t ease her suffering, it enlightens us about the consequences of domestic violence. Share this with every woman you love, and honor Hedda’s struggle, loss, and ultimate triumph.